The General Terms & Conditions of Easy Quizy

EFFECTIVE: FROM 12/09/2019

Easy Quizy can be used after accepting the General Terms and Conditions ("Terms").

PIAR KVADRAT LLC ("PIAR KVADRAT") organizes Easy Quizy as the Service Provider and operates its application ("Application").

Easy Quizy is a closed application (app) available to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play (on iOS 11.0 and Android 5.0 operating systems or later). The Application is only available to professional retailers who have been pre-authorised by PIAR KVADRAT to ensure that they are a member of the trade and agreed that their details will be used for invitation to the Application.

Please note that by registering you agree to the provision of the Terms and you acknowledge the following:

By accepting the Terms, you give us your explicit consent to present you trade advertisements and promotions with economic purposes within the Application. By accepting the Terms, you acknowledge that the aim of the Application is to familiarize shop assistants with brand characteristics of PIAR KVADRAT products. The actual sender of the trade advertisements and promotions is PIAR KVADRAT. If you do not want to receive these types of advertisements and promotions in the future, then you can disable it by unsubscribing according to section 15 of these Terms.

By accepting these Terms, you declare that you are at least 18 years old, and that you are not under a guardianship or that your legal capacity is otherwise limited in any way. You acknowledge that you can only use the Application if you have full legal capacity.

You can use EASY QUIZY only at your own risk. PIAR KVADRAT does not take any responsibility and has no liability for any injury or damage of any kind (including any mental injury or damage, such as emerging game addiction) resulting from the use of the Application.

1. Owner of Easy Quizy is PIAR KVADRAT

The Application is being operated by PIAR KVADRAT.

PIAR KVADRAT contact details are:



Lenin’s, 50. 5th floor,



2. The agreement

Based on these Terms, PIAR KVADRAT is obliged to provide access for the User to EASY QUIZY; the User is obliged to comply with these Terms while using the Application.

EASY QUIZY is a marketing-oriented, registration based application which facilitates contact between PIAR KVADRAT and retail. PIAR KVADRAT makes professional trade advertisements targeted to retail available for the Users via the Application.

Retail professional participating in the EASY QUIZY marketing program have the right to participate in the on-line quizzes and competitions available through the Application ("Game") where the User can obtain scores based on his or her knowledge, quickness and luck. You can read more about the course of the Game in section 8 of these Terms, i. e. in the "Game Rules".

In the scope of organizing EASY QUIZY, PIAR KVADRAT has to ensure the following:

• The operation of the Application;

• An opportunity for the Users to participate in the Games by following the Game Rules;

The User acknowledges and agrees to the fact that they are entitled to use EASY QUIZY or the Application only in accordance with these Terms; and they are allowed to influence the end results of the quizzes and competitions only by following the Game Rules.

These Terms will be effective on the date when registration is completed and the Privacy Policy and these Terms are accepted (hereinafter "the Subscription") by PIAR KVADRAT and the Users (referred herein together as "the Parties").

3. The terms of the registration and subscription

As a prerequisite for registration, you have to accept the Privacy Policy and these Terms. You can register by completing the Registration Form made available via the Application.

The persons eligible for registration are natural persons who are at least 18 year old, have full legal capacity, pursue professional retail trade activity and accept these Terms.

The User shall enter the following data during the registration process:

• User name (optional)

• Name;

• Mobile phone number;

• The address of the shop;

• The name of the locality of residence.

Apart from these, the User can choose to upload his or her photo so that other Users can identify him or her.

Data given during registration must be correct. PIAR KVADRAT may contact the User by using the contact data above. PIAR KVADRAT takes no responsibility and has no liability for any injury or damage of any kind arising from the provision of inaccurate data; the User has sole responsibility and liability for any such injury or damage.

The user name given during the registration process cannot contain personal contact details (e.g. Telephone number, URL, IM ID etc.). Furthermore, the user name shall not consist of vulgar, obscene expressions in English or in any other languages; the user name cannot conflict with law; and it cannot be equivalent with the name registered as another User’s name. If, during registration, you choose an improper user name which is contrary to these Terms, PIAR KVADRAT shall not accept your registration.

Any errors made during completion of the registration form can be corrected before the submission of the registration. After registration, data can be rectified by modifying the registration or by a request sent to the following email address:

Registration is successful when the User meets the prerequisites set out in these Terms. Notification of the success or failure of registration will be sent to Users.

The User is obliged to notify PIAR KVADRAT of any changes to the data provided during the registration process. The User shall notify PIAR KVADRAT of the change within fifteen day of the change of data. PIAR KVADRAT takes no responsibility and has no liability for any injury or damage of any kind arising from a failure to notify it of any change to the data provided during registration; the User is solely responsible and liable for any such injury or damage.

The User is allowed to create only one user profile which cannot be transferred or made accessible to any other person.

PIAR KVADRAT will send a confirmation email to the User upon the receipt of their registration. This confirmation will notify the User that registration was technically successful. However, this confirmation does not constitute acceptance by PIAR KVADRAT of the offer to participate in the Application.

The offer made by the User through registration includes an offer to accept these Terms. PIAR KVADRAT accepts the offer by accepting the registration and PIAR KVADRAT shall notify the User of this in a separate email.

If the registration is accepted, PIAR KVADRAT shall create a user account for the User, by which the User can access the Application.

PIAR KVADRAT shall refuse registration when:

• The User does not meet the criteria for registration listed in this section 3;

• The User fills the registration form incorrectly; or

• The User already has a user account.

If registration should have been refused according to section 3.14, but for some reason this was not done, PIAR KVADRAT has the right to terminate the User’s registration.

Accepting and activating the registration does not create any payment obligation.

PIAR KVADRAT shall send the confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address that the User has provided, within 24 hours after the registration. If the confirmation e-mail does not arrive within 24 hours, the User may submit a new registration request. If the User does not receive a reply for his or her new registration request, they shall report the problem to PIAR KVADRAT by sending an e-mail to the address mentioned in point 1.2. The acceptance or rejection of the registration will take place within 2 business days after sending the confirmation email. If the User does not receive any information about the acceptance or rejection of the registration within this time period, they shall notify PIAR KVADRAT through the e-mail address mentioned in section 1.2.

4. Simplified registration

If the User has already provided the information requested in section 3.3 to PIAR KVADRAT, they may qualify for simplified registration.

Simplified registration has the same legal status as registration and these Terms and the Privacy Policy also apply to Users that qualify for simplified registration save as set out in section 4.3 and 4.4. Accordingly, any User that qualified for simplified registration must also comply with the terms of the registration and accept these Terms and the Privacy Policy.

In the case of a simplified registration, the User will be only required to enter his or her telephone number. The Application will send a verification code to the specified phone number that allows the User to access the Application.

In the case of simplified registration, PIAR KVADRAT will accept the User’s offer by sending the verification code.

5. The termination of the users privileges

If the conditions that are required for registration and set out in section 3.2. are no longer valid after registration (for example, if the User no longer participates in the retail sale of products) then they will be no longer entitled to use the Application.

The User must cancel his or her registration immediately after the termination of the conditions set out in section 3.2. If the User breaches this obligation, they shall be liable to PIAR KVADRAT for any damage arising from such breach.

6. Technical data in connection with the subscription

The servers store the data content on multiple hard drives. If any of the hard disks becomes damaged, the system remains operational due to the remaining hard disks. Data is backed up regularly so that the original data content can be recovered in case of any problem.

Data given during the registration will be stored in a PostgreSQL database. Data is stored with a suitable level of encryption; its decoding is facilitated by the hardware support integrated in the processor.

The provision and control of the forms filled in during the registration process is supervised and completed by program codes that clearly notify the User of the necessary format, the prescribed criteria and any omissions.

7. Technical information regarding the operation and use of the applications

A functional Internet connection with sufficient speed on the User’s mobile phone (mobile Internet, Wi-Fi) is a technical prerequisite for the Use of the Application.

The Application is supported to run on operation systems like Android v. 5.5 or higher and iOS v. 11.0 or higher.

The Application functions ideally with the following extensions: 480×800px, 720×1280px, 750×1334px, 768×1280px, 720×1480px, 1080×1920px, 1080×2220px, 1125×2436px, 1440×2560px, 1440×2960px.

While operating the Application, some errors of a technical nature (i.e. temporary technological interferences) may emerge. These problems are beyond the control of PIAR KVADRAT. Such errors and interferences are associated with the normal operation of the App; and the occurrences do not constitute a breach of these Terms, provided that PIAR KVADRAT ensures the troubleshooting of such errors or temporary interferences.

PIAR KVADRAT does not take responsibility and has no liability for any failure of access to or contact with the Application as a result of:

• The User’s behavior;

• For a reason that is beyond the direct control of PIAR KVADRAT;

• Because a court, tribunal or other authority has prohibited or blocked the organization of the Game or the operation of the Application and/or have made them inaccessible.

8. Game rules

The Game is a free competition with no direct or indirect cost of entry and consists of main part: quizzes.

The Game is not open to members of the general public, PIAR KVADRAT employees and their families, PIAR KVADRAT’s agencies or their employees and families or anyone else professionally associated with the competition.

Participants should ensure that they have the permission of their business proprietors to participate in this competition.

Under no circumstances will PIAR KVADRAT (or its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies) be liable directly or indirectly (unless such liability cannot be lawfully excluded) for any losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from or in any way connected with any errors, defects, interruptions, malfunctions or delays in the competition.

The decision of PIAR KVADRAT on all matters pertaining to the competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

While using the Application, the User can: (according to the Terms): The User may compete with other Users based on his or her knowledge and quickness. Users receive points for their achievements in the quiz.

Users of the Application are able to accumulate points through engaging with educational content: winning or drawing a quiz (general knowledge); correctly answering content related questions; and completing tasks within a set timeframe.


Quiz: Win — 20 points

Quiz: Draw — 10 points

Quiz: Lose — 0 points

After starting the game, Users can choose between five types of quiz game. They have 15 seconds to choose.

Games available for the Users:

• "Against a Virtual Opponent";


Game against a Virtual Opponent

the User will play the quiz against a virtual opponent.

The Result of the Quiz

The winning User gets 20 points and the losing User gets 0 points for the quiz. When it is a tie, both Users receive 10 points.

Users get their rankings based on the number of their losing, winning and tie quiz games. A quiz won increases the number of winning quizzes by one point, and a quiz lost increases the number of losing quizzes by one point in the ranking. A tie game increases the number of tie quizzes by one point.

9. The duties of the user

The User is obliged to avoid any behavior that could influence the end results of the quiz games in a way contrary to the Game Rules.

The User shall not participate in any measures and mechanisms and cannot use such programs that aim to interfere with the function of the Application and the game; or that can cause a functional interference with the Application and the Game.

The User shall avoid displaying any activities that would result in an unreasonable and excessive load to the technical capacity of the Application.

The User shall not run EASY QUIZY outside the Application or the client program; and shall not use any programs and scripts that confer them an advantage over other Users. Therefore, the User shall not use any automatic updating functions and mechanisms integrated into the Application that can influence the end results of the quiz.

In connection with the Application, the User shall not create or use any cheats, mods or hacks that can have an influence on the end results and gaming experience of the quiz games. Furthermore, in connection with the Application and the Game, the User shall not create or use any software that are or may be used for data mining or phishing.

The User shall not publish any content that:

• Is contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality;

• Violates trademarks, patents, copyrights, other industrial or intellectual property, business secrets or the rights of another third party;

• Is obscene, racist, pornographic or glorifies violence;

• Is of an abusive, harassing or defamatory nature, or that violates an individual’s personality rights in another way;

• Is of a chain letter or pyramid nature;

• Makes the impression in a misleading way that PIAR KVADRAT has published or supported it;

• Contains the personal data of a third person without the consent of this person;

• Is of a commercial nature or for marketing purposes.

PIAR KVADRAT shall have the right to remove such content without any justification or compensation.

All copyright applicable to the visual display, the rules, the course and the characteristics of the Application and the solutions developed during its execution, or any other content (text, articles, product descriptions, the Terms, diagrams, pictures, information, data, applications) of the Application shall belong to PIAR KVADRAT.

The display of any part of the Application on other domain is only possible with the authorization of PIAR KVADRAT. The User shall not create the impression, with the placement of a link not referring to the Application on any interfaces, that PIAR KVADRAT suggests or supports the visit or use of that specific interface or agrees with the content thereof or of any linked material.

Any such interface or linked material shall not display any incorrect information or mislead in any way about the existing legal relationship between PIAR KVADRAT and the operator or owner of the interface.

14. The termination of subscription

The Subscription will terminate in the following cases:

• The User exercises his or her right to withdraw or cancel the Subscription according to section 15 of the Terms.

• PIAR KVADRAT exercises its right to cancel the Subscription set in section 14.2. PIAR KVADRAT shall have the right to terminate the User’s access after the termination of the Subscription.

• The Parties agree to terminate the Subscription.

• The provision of the Subscription is rendered impossible.

• The User does not log in the Application for 180 consecutive days (inactive User), in which case, 8 days before the termination of the Subscription, PIAR KVADRAT shall send a notification to the inactive User setting out the day on which the Subscription will be terminated, and stating that the User can activate their user name before the termination. If the User does not activate their User name before the 180-day deadline, the Subscription will be terminated and PIAR KVADRAT shall deletes the registration of the User.

PIAR KVADRAT may terminate the Subscription if:

• The User violates any provision of these Terms, in particular but not limited to their obligations set in section 13;

• The User is not entitled to register under section 3.2;

• The User’s user privileges have been terminated under section 5;

• If the User withdraws their consent to use data provided for the purposes of the Subscription, which is necessary precondition for the use of the Application.

15. The user’s right to withdrawal or cancellation

The User is entitled to withdraw from the Subscription without any justification, within 14 days following the conclusion of registration. Following registration, the User may exercise their right to withdrawal any time with an immediate effect, without any justification.

The User shall notify their decision to withdraw or cancel the Subscription by sending an email, clearing setting out their decision, to the following email address:

Furthermore, the User may terminate the Subscription electronically by deleting their registration.

Following the withdrawal/cancellation of the Subscription, these Terms shall no longer be applicable. PIAR KVADRAT shall delete the User’s data and terminate their access to the Application within 5 days following the deletion of registration.

16. Contact

You can file a complaint or send any questions to one of the following addresses:



Lenin’s, 50. 5th floor,


• Email:

Enforcement options

The User may report complaints or seek information in relation to the Application or the Subscription by the telephone or in writing. Requests for information or in relation to the functioning of the Application or the Game shall not be considered to be a complaint.

PIAR KVADRAT shall immediately investigate any complaint and attempt to resolve it.

PIAR KVADRAT shall endeavor to respond to complaints within 30 days. PIAR KVADRAT shall record the complaint under an individual identification number. Where a complaint is refused, PIAR KVADRAT shall notify the User of the reason for the refusal.

17. The unilateral amendment of the terms

PIAR KVADRAT has to right to modify these Terms unilaterally any time. and of the User’s right to terminate the Subscription with an immediate effect.

PIAR KVADRAT shall have the right to implement any modifications regarding the function of the Application and the organization of the Game.

18. Final provisions

The agreement between the Parties and these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland.

Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of Ireland will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection the agreement between the Parties and these Terms.

Where under these Terms written notification is required to be given, the Parties agree that email without an electronic signature sent via one of the email addresses given during the registration process or via the email address set in the Terms shall constitute valid written notice. This is without prejudice to any other form of written notification. Unless it can be shown that the written notification was received sooner, the written notification will be deemed to have been received:

• In case of an email or fax message: On the business day following the successful delivery of the message, even if the message was not received by the other Party due to a technical problem or omission.

• In case of registered/recorded delivery post: 5 business days after the written notification was sent, even if the shipment is marked as a "unclaimed", "The recipient has refused to accept", "the recipient has moved out", "unknown address", or the shipment was other returned to the sending Party.

The Parties agree and declare that these Terms shall constitute the full agreement between the Parties and shall supersede any previous agreements, understandings, obligations or conventions made between the Parties relating to the subject matter of these Terms.

The Effective Date of the Terms: 12/09/2019

The Terms are available from the Application, within the User Profile.

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